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Gamble Rogers

The name Gamble Rogers resonates throughout St. Augustine, Florida. It is the name of a local middle school, a recreational park, and a yearly music festival. Gamble Rogers was a skilled musician who was central to the life of two former music festivals in St. Augustine: the St. Augustine Folk Festival, and the St. Augustine Storytelling Festival. Both of these festivals disappeared after Gambles Rogers death in 1991. He was the son and grandson of well-known architects, whose musical talent was undeniable. According to Craig Harris, from All Music Guide, Rogers enchanted “an audience with Travis-style guitar finger picking and relating downright rib-tickling tales about the inhabitants of the fictitious Oklawaha Country.” He is described by the St. Augustine Record as a “skilled storyteller, songwriter, and musician. He died trying to save someone from drowning off the coast of Flagler Beach, Florida on October 10, 1991. 
(The Florida Memory)

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